We have two types of Groups available at Table Church: Community Groups & Table Talk Groups.

Community Groups are a more traditional group gathering that is common in churches. These groups are a great option for meeting people who are already involved in the church. The second type of group, Table Talk Groups, are for everyone in the church and is focused on building community in and out of the church.

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Community Groups

Community in the church is vital and one of the ways that we foster this community is through groups. You can have a group that meets together to do a Bible Study, or a group that meets to paddle board, ride motorcycles, play golf, cook, hike, or anything else that you want to do with friends in community.

Any member of Table Church is welcome to start a group at any time by filling out an online form and letting us know what you would like to do. At that time, we will contact you to discuss the details.

Table Church

Table Talk Groups

Table Talk Groups are our main priority at Table Church. Often in the gospels, we see Jesus spending time with people around a table. It was there that some of the most powerful moments of his ministry happened. Jesus invited everyone to the table, regardless of their mistakes, inadequacies, or reputation. The invitation to the table comes from the Lord’s grace towards us and His desire to have an intimate relationship with each of us. Because of this, our desire is that everyone involved with Table Church would share a table with someone each week for the purpose of connection and ministry. It may be a quick lunch between meetings or a lengthy dinner. No matter the occasion or setting, the goal is to be present in that moment and allow God to minister to and through us. We have developed a guide for these Table Talk Groups that you can follow, or you can make your own plan!

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